Gluten Free Quinoa Facts

Some quinoa products aren't gluten-free. You always need to check the label. If quinoa is labeled or certified gluten-free, it is safe for Celiac disease recipes or gluten sensitivity diets. So you always need to check to be sure that products like bread, brownies, pasta, salad... containing quinoa are really gluten-free for people with grain allergy and intolerance.

Foods like quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and millet are hypoallergenic and healthy alternatives for wheat and grains for Celiac patients. Quinoa is very nutritious and holds many important nutrients like antioxidants, iron and calcium. More studies need to confirm that this healthy seed with many benefits is really gluten-free when our diet contains higher amounts of this protein composite.

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Does quinoa have gluten

Gluten is a protein what enables bread to rise properly. About 0.75% people have Celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that damages the small intestine when food with this protein composite is eaten. Almost 0.4% of our population has a wheat allergy, due to its present in wheat. A larger group is gluten sensitivity. So quinoa can be a gluten-free product for many people, including babies and children.

Although this healthy seed is found gluten free, there's the problem of cross contamination when several grain foods are produced in the same facilities. Cross contamination is a difficult problem to avoid.

Is Quinoa gluten free

ELISA is a test that detects amounts of gluten in foods and so products labeled as gluten-free should have no more than 20 parts per million of this special protein. However our super grain has proteins in the prolamin family that are related to the gluten proteins. So additional research is needed to determine whether quinoa contains sufficiently amounts of that protein to cause an immune reaction in Celiac disease? For people with gluten sensitivity quinoa is taught to be safe.

Conclusion: it is not certain whether quinoa is 100% gluten free, but due to the many other healthy benefits this superfood can be eatan by many people for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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