7 Quinoa is good to lower your high cholesterol

Quinoa for High Cholesterol

Quinoa is on the list of low cholesterol foods. This grain is a great way to lower high cholesterol. It can also reduce LDL. Quinoa keeps your HDL intact and is an asset for every healthy diet.

This seed with many healthy benefits is a heart-friendly protein source that reduces your cholesterol level. It lowers the risk of many cardiovascular diseases, like atherosclerosis. We have HDL cholesterol (the "good" one) and LDL cholesterol (the "bad" one) in our body.

When you're looking for how to lower LDL, than it's a great idea to place quinoa on top of your diet plan and to avoid bad cholesterol foods . This grain has many healthy benefits like high protein and gluten-free. Above all this super seeds helps to maintain your levels of HDL.

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Quinoa lower  LDL cholesterol

Peter follows a wholesome diet to lower his cholesterol. He is searching for natural ways to realize this. On the Internet, he discovers that there is a distinguishes between two types. There is talk of LDL and HDL. The first kind is unhealthy and should be reduced. The second type is healthy and should remain high. He needs to find a healthy diet plan that contains foods and supplements who can achieve these both goals.

Peter finds an article about the health aspects of quinoa. A super grain with lots of nutritious facts. His attention is drawn by the positive impact of quinoa on cholesterol. The bad cholesterol - LDL - is reduced and the good cholesterol - HDL - maintains its level.

Without high cholesterol levels you're more energized. There's is also a reduced risk of stroke and heart diseases. Enough reasons to add quinoa to your diet plan.

Quinoa good for HDL

As you may know quinoa isn't the only foods that naturally reduces cholesterol. Adding quinoa and these other super foods to your diet will lower the bad cholesterol and increase the levels of good cholesterol.

Two tablespoons a day of extra-virgin olive oil can make a different. Use extra-virgin olive oil as a substitute for butter. Nuts are a great addition to your breakfast or salads or dinners. Almonds, pecans, pistachios or walnuts will do the trick to keep your blood vessels healthy and strong. Finally oatmeal is also a nutritious breakfast food to improve your cholesterol levels naturally.

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