7 Benefits of quinoa for diabetics on blood sugar levels

Quinoa for diabetes

Can diabetics eat quinoa is an important question for all people with diabetes. We all know that this grain has a high nutritional value because it contains many vitamins and minerals, but diabetics needs to know the glycemic load of quinoa and so the impact on their blood sugar.

It is easier to manage your diabetes when you choose foods with a lower glycemic index. Quinoa is a non-animal complete protein and therefore popular among vegetarians. The concept of glycemic load describes the (glycemic index and quantity of carbohydrate in a meal.

People with diabetes have problems with their blood sugar levels. Quinoa can reduce these blood sugar levels by 10%. An additional benefit of this grain is that it lowers the total cholesterol by 26%.

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Quinoa good for diabetes

If you have diabetes, it is important to pay attention to your diet. Jonas is a diabetic from birth. So it is necessary to daily check his blood sugar levels and of course he needs to follow a healthy diet.

Jonas likes quinoa very much. Even though he has diabetes, yet he may eat quinoa. This cereal has a low glycemic index. So his blood will not increase excessively. His friends at school. His friends at school and in the neighborhood know that he has diabetes and now they understand why their friend is not allowed to enjoy many sweets. Because of his diabetics, he knows a lot about healthy foods. He realizes which products he may eat and which foods he should avoid.

Fortunately, he can eat quinoa, because quinoa has a lot of healthy benefits, even though he has diabetes.

Quinoa safe for diabetics

His friends sometimes tease him, but they will never bully him. Patrick, his best friend, says that quinoa is very unhealthy and that people with diabetes aren't allowed to eat it. Jonas can not be fooled by this wrong information because he already knows all the dangers of diabetes.

He has learned from his mom exactly what he can eat without having problems with his blood sugar levels. Quinoa has many healthful benefits. It stimulates the functioning of the brains. I can see that quinoa isn't often on your menu, he says laughing to his friend. I'll give some great quinoa breakfast recipes to your mom, although I think your brain is hopelessly lost.

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