7 Quinoa brain function health benefits as the impact of riboflavin

Quinoa and Brain function

Brain function health benefits of quinoa. This grain is a great source of riboflavin to reduce the frequency of migraine. Riboflavin, known as vitamin B2, is essential for the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Thie vitamin improves the energy level of your brain and muscle cells.

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Quinoa and brain function

Marie is always looking for new recipes to try out. Health is the most important thing here. She wants through diet suffer less from migraine attacks, because she has been suffering from headaches since her adolescence. Quinoa is a seed that she uses in many recipes, also for breakfast, due to its numerous health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and it's gluten-free.

Recently, she also read about the positive influence of quinoa on the brain functioning, because this grain contains riboflavin, vitamin b2. This vitamin plays a role in reducing migraine. Riboflavin also reduces brain fog and gives the brain and muscle cells the energy they desperately need. Quinoa is an important source for Riboflavin.

Quinoa brain benefits

Marie has two children, Tim and Sophie, who both love this super grain since they were babies. Now they know that it is also good for your brain, they often have a school lunch with a quinoa recipe. Tom holds a speech today about the many health benefits of quinoa. He talks about the presence of riboflavin, vitamin b2, which reduces migraine and energizes the brains and muscles.

The children, but also the teacher, are listening attentively. Everyone is interested in the health benefits of quinoa, especially how it improves the functioning of our thinking, by the presence of riboflavin. John, the funniest of the class, says: "If vitamin b2 is so good for the brains, we will be as smart as the teacher?" The teacher responds: "No I'm sorry, because I eat quinoa too, making my brains smarter each day!"

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